Crushing Candy And Dreams

by Diane Sweeney on November 5, 2013

It’s been a few of weeks since I last blogged or posted consistently. I kind of went back into that resistance funk and decided to let resistance take over. It’s so easy to do that!

candy crushSo I downloaded Candy Crush Saga onto my Kindle and made my way to level 30. I gained a couple of pounds while crushing candy and not focusing on my exercise program; and didn’t write a real darn thing except checks for almost three weeks. At some point in the process, I thought my months of hard work on building my website, fan page and body were all for pretty much nothing.

It wasn’t all depressing – there were birthdays, anniversaries and weddings to celebrate. There was a wonderful trip to see our son Charleston, SC and learn about the history of the area. And another trip into Philadelphia with in-laws to spend a fun Saturday with our other son and remember how and why this nation was established. (And eat a great cheesesteak!)

It was busy! It was fun! And I also thought in order to keep having fun, I could pretty much let my website, fan page and body just do what they wanted without guidance or discipline from me.

In between getting all kinds of neat striped candies to appear on the screen, I actually did continue following my business coach and doing ‘the work’, so I wasn’t totally vegging out……

Except I was.

I realized that getting to level 500 in Candy Crush would really not make a difference in anyone’s world, especially mine! It was time to look resistance in the eye, thank it for the time it provided me to recognize what was important in my life, and find my way back to the keyboard, my inspiration and all of my friends and followers! Crushing Candy wasn’t going to crush my dreams of finishing my book and building this community.

But unlike in the past, I took a different approach as I sat down to get started again. I recognized what it was all about.

It was a great couple of weeks! I grew and learned so much about how I don’t want to spend my time. I learned that I truly, truly do love what I do, and that sitting myself at my desk at 6 AM and creating before I go to my other job is so much more rewarding than just tapping a screen and earning points.

But I had to step back in order to see what was before me.

I had not intended to give myself ‘time off’, it just kind of happened. My guess is I was on overload and my mind and body revolted against me and made me do this. I am so grateful for their wisdom!

In case you’re feeling overwhelmed with any portion of your life, I offer my experience to you as a gift to give yourself. We are all so focused on getting it all done and getting it all done right, that sometimes we have to crush some candy to recognize it is okay to, tap at a screen for a few days, watch old movies and even eat a bag of candy (although crushing is much healthier for you!)

So this week, if your mind and body are telling you to rest, stop or veg, go ahead and honor them. Embrace the moment. Crush some candy. And then recognize what is important to you and turn back with a rested mind and grateful heart!

Looking forward to continuing on this journey of amazing life together!

Next up – Talking about those kids coming home for the holidays!

Share with us below what you do when you need your down, down time!

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