I Cry, Pray and Hope

by Diane Sweeney on December 16, 2014


I cry for the innocent lives lost in Pennsylvania, Pakistan and Sydney – and for those not in the news that lost their lives in other unnamed towns, cities and countries throughout the world.

I cry for the father who, in acting for his children, did not think of his children when he killed their mother, grandmother and relatives. He has destroyed their childhood innocence and trust.

I cry for the militants who believe that killing the blameless children of those of wealth and power will bring them glory in the eyes of their God and assist them in their rise to power. They have provided a reason for the next generation to rise up and continue to fight for peace.

I cry for the deranged extremist who believed holding people hostage and killing them will cause people to look favorably upon his religion and beliefs.


I pray for all the people who lost their human lives, but whose souls were instantly lifted to heaven and embraced by a God who is a God of peace and love.

I pray for those of us here on earth to continue to believe that our purpose is to bring joy and love to others by living a life of giving, peace and love every single day.


I hope that God continues to bestow us with His grace and love so as to bring all of creation to live in harmony and peace as He intended.

In this season of light – I cry for all humanity, pray for all humanity and hope for the peace and joy that has been promised to all by our ever-loving God.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12


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