Don’t Touch that Dial! (Or Keypad or Touch Screen)

by Diane Sweeney on August 8, 2013



Each day, we are bombarded with literally thousands of messages. From our computers, from our work space, from our families, friends, and strangers, television, bill boards, radio and almost constantly by those little powerful phones we carry in our pockets and bags.


Every moment of every day, until we are sound asleep, we are processing.


As our mind races to put it all in place, remembering what needs to be remembered, and trying to recall what we wanted to remember, often times we go into overload and cannot possibly envisioning ever getting all done or all right.

And that is … all right. 

Because we won’t ever have it all perfect, but with a little focused effort, we can have it all good enough. (Loved my mother in law – she told me good enough was good enough! What a relief that was to hear!) 

Here is a simple practice that will help you get your day off to a good start. 

Each morning, before you look at your phone, before you turn on your computer, before the television blares the latest crisis, before you even listen to a family member say one word to you ….. take a deep breath! 



Take a deep breath.

Thank God for another day.

Take another breath.

Think of the one most important thing that must get done today. One, only one. 

Now imagine the steps that it will take to get that one thing done.  If any of the steps (or the whole thing!) can be done after you take care of your first morning necessities and getting the tea or coffee in your cup, then do it then. And it’s done. 

Or write your plan to get it done, and the times of the day you can do each step. 

Before distractions get in the way, have a plan for that one thing that must be done! 

And once it’s done or the plan is written … breathe again, pat yourself on the back, and then, only then, can you think of what else should/could/will be done today.

What practice do you follow each day to organize your thoughts, your must do’s and your want to do’s? Leave a comment below!

















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