Are You Doing This “First Thing” Every Day?

by Diane Sweeney on October 26, 2016


This summer, I was walking first thing every morning. Then sunrise started happening later, so I decided to use that ‘dark’ time for writing.

What I found was that if I do not walk early in the morning, I will find more excuses not to walk later in the day.

Most days, I’ll find time to write something – there is always writing to be done and deadlines to be met. Writing is my comfort space, so even if it isn’t what I’d rather be writing – the day will allow me to write.

Walking, however, is different. Without a reason, my feet protest later in the day. Probably because they are pretty darn comfortable under my desk.

So, for me, walking seems to be the right, first thing, to do.

When I get to my desk, once again, I determine the right, first thing, to do there as well. Before opening email, picking up voice mail or browsing through the piles of files on the floor.

Today, it was writing, posting and scheduling this piece. Once this is completed, I will feel accomplished instead of worrying about ‘fitting it in later’.

It’s been proven by business, health and life coach experts like Stephen Covey and Craig Ballantyne and many others, that doing your most important tasks ‘first thing” each day will catapult your ability to get you closer to your goals – be they health, wealth, spiritual or … living your full life.

At the very least, doing the right, first thing, helps most of us  get more of the things that need to be done, done.

You Take Control

What is your ‘right, first thing’ to do every day? Have you been doing it?

Before the world begins to determine what your day will be filled with … take control and determine what you will get done.

Try this.

Tomorrow, when you get out of bed or sit down to work, pretend you lost that to-do or task list sitting on your desk, phone or computer.

Don’t panic. And don’t peek at it. It’s lost (but not really).

Now write down the first thing you know you need to do.

Just the one thing.

Can you do it for the first 30-45 minutes and ‘get it done’?

And then try it again tomorrow?

Let’s walk this road together to Get Focused on Living, so you can live Your Full Life.

If it helps, share your right, first thing! You may be doing just the right thing to inspire someone else to do it too!

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