Get Focused on Living

by Diane Sweeney on June 12, 2013


Get Focused on Living


We all know the world is spinning at speeds faster than ever before. Technology changes the minute after something has been discovered; people live further away than ever before; we are presented with so many options we often feel paralyzed and take no action at all.


I’ve lived paralyzed for several periods of my life. Blame was easily put on hormones, kids, and being a Libra (always weighing EVERY option).  So I would stop what I started. I would start a business or a hobby, get excited, work, work, work at it . . . and then realize that I had not planned for what would come next. How overwhelming it always seemed. Sitting in front of the television and zoning out was so much easier. And hey – didn’t these people on TV get paid to entertain us anyway? Why not make it worth their while….


Until….I was feeling as though MY worth was being digested by the pixels on the screen I was watching. I would go to bed, fall into a deep sleep and 3 hours later I would be awake thinking of all the things I did not do, could do, wanted to do  – and then wake up exhausted from thinking all night and not sleeping.


Ever feel like this? Does your day start with intention or with just hoping to get through to the next? Do you feel frustration in those moments when you know you could be much more focused, and much more successful at what you are doing, if only . . ???


You are not alone.


Recognizing that I did not want to live the 2nd half (or last 3rd – depending on your outlook) of my life like this, I finally decided that I needed help, guidance and a defined path to follow. Instead of trying to fix it ALL at once, I picked one area of my life that I wanted to improve and worked on that. I focused. I learned. And I began to make the changes I had longed for.


And then I picked another. And another.


Far from being ‘done’ with any of them, I now live each day with a plan to help me continue to develop and learn in all aspects of my life. And I have many more that I want to start to work on!


More importantly, there is a balance and focus that I had longed to achieve for a long time. Maybe it comes with maturity, maybe it comes by just trying harder.


Is it perfect? Far from it. There are always days that come along filled with chaos. But I have gained the ability to bring it all together before I, and the people around me, crash and burn.



Most importantly now, to me, is that I am LIVING each day to it’s fullest, not existing and going through the motions.


Thought and care are put into most decisions that are made.


Are you looking for this focus and balance?


I invite you to join this community – where we will share our stories, offer suggestion and treat everyone as the beautiful human being that you are to help you LIVE your life as you were meant to be.


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