Focused on Using our Gifts & Treasures

by Diane Sweeney on June 18, 2013

coffee-at-sunriseGrabbing a cup of green tea, in the darkness of the early morning hours of the day, I feel the earth awakening, and my soul stirring with the need to begin anew. 

Another day, another opportunity to capture the gifts and treasures available to me from the universe, my family, my friends and my God. And to give back to each what gifts I have in me. 

And isn’t every day just like that? Aren’t we all given the opportunity to start fresh, receive what is ours to take, and return to those around us all we have to give? 

If only we could approach each and every moment like this. Recognize the give and take, the presenting and receipt of love, presence of others, and talents born in each of us. Each day we have the ability to control our attitude and outlook to determine how humbly and confidently we can give and receive. 

What is your attitude these days? Are you happy, sad, disappointed, anxious, grateful, dubious, angry, doubtful? 

A myriad of emotions confronts us each day as we take in what is going on in the world around us. As we listen to the television and radio, read the news websites and even interact in our own social circles, we process, and reflect back the emotions that we hear and see. Each of these situations requires us to process, and in turn, question how this situation might be reflected in our own life. 

There is nothing inherently wrong with asking ourselves these questions as we learn how others operate in the world. What is wrong is when we obsess about these things over which we have no control, and do not take the time to go back and think about our very own moral compass – the one that tells us who we were meant to be. And which will allow us to understand where we can have control. 

Each of us, knowingly or not, operates from a centered place of being. We have definitive beliefs that guide us through our life. Caught up in the frenzy of social media, email, television, radio and print ads, we are forced to ask ourselves some very similar questions time and time and time again – and typically do not have  a different answer.


Because we really do know who we are – but we allow the passion and the chatter of others to overpower our own. We react to the input, instead of processing and associating the emotion with our own heart.

 To be focused on living means always being true to your inner self. Take time today to write down what those might be.

 Not sure what those values are? Let’s try some on for size:








Giving of oneself



Peace filled

The list is much longer …. But you can help define it!

After your write your list, share with us in the comment section how you are feeling and which values are most important to you!

Get focused on living your best today!




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