Getting Ready to Visit Your Kids? Be Safe – Read this First!

by Diane Sweeney on October 9, 2014

Getting Ready to Visit Your Kids?  Be Safe – Read this First!


Be Safe When Visiting Your College Kid

Be Safe When Visiting Your College Kid

You may be getting ready to visit with your kids in the next few weeks for Parent Weekends at their colleges, or you may be visiting with them just because you need a hug! (we all need those hugs!)

Whatever the reason, enjoy that time with your son or daughter. You’ll see how much they’ve changed and matured in just these few weeks they’ve been gone! It’s amazing!

What you also may notice is that they are feeling fatigued or not keeping to a good nutritional regime as you (and they) would like. Between the class load, work load, sports and convenience of fast, unhealthy snacks, sometimes it truly is hard for them!

The change of season also brings about allergy issues, as well as what is front and center in the news these days, the chance of picking up new viruses.

It’s important for all of you to stay healthy through these visits so that you can enjoy sharing in your son or daughter’s new experiences. (There are LOTS of germs on college campuses!)

And it is even more important for your kids to stay healthy through the school year. College is no time for extended illness – there is too much to learn, to do and to see!


The New Viruses


Ebola and Entero are new words in our vocabulary, and words that will hopefully disappear in a few years’ time.

Unfortunately, they are real viruses and not something to be ignored.

Aside from the best of hygiene precautions and lots of hand washing, it is important for everyone to be eating healthy, nutritious foods to keep immune systems strong to fight off the viral and bacterial germs that will be spread through contact with others.

And most of us have daily contact with others… especially those college kids!

Harvard Health tells us it’s important to take a daily multivitamin to supplement your diet in order to ensure that you are receiving all the micronutrients necessary to maintain your health and a strong immune system.


Immunity Builders

*from Harvard Health


Vitamin A. Experts have long known that vitamin A plays a role in infection and maintaining mucosal surfaces by influencing certain subcategories of T cells and B cells and cytokines. Vitamin A deficiency is associated with impaired immunity and increased risk of infectious disease. On the other hand, according to one study, supplementation in the absence of a deficiency didn’t enhance or suppress T cell immunity in a group of healthy seniors.

Vitamin B6. Several studies have suggested that a vitamin B6 deficiency can depress aspects of the immune response, such as lymphocytes’ ability to mature and spin off into various types of T and B cells. Supplementing with moderate doses to address the deficiency restores immune function, but megadoses don’t produce additional benefits. And B6 may promote the growth of tumors.

Zinc. Zinc is a trace element essential for cells of the immune system, and zinc deficiency affects the ability of T cells and other immune cells to function as they should. Caution: While it’s important to have sufficient zinc in your diet (15–25 mg per day), too much zinc can inhibit the function of the immune system.

Garlic and Echinacea are two supplements that are widely touted as immune system boosters and agents to ward off viruses.


Are you and your family getting enough of these in your diet?


Safe and Natural Vitamins & Supplements


For 17 years my family has taken vitamins and supplements. I can honestly say that not one of us has had the flu in the last 12 years. (and 3 out of 4 of us do not get vaccinated, which is another story for another day!)

And we rarely get colds. Just those congested sinus after-effects from allergy issues and we’ve learned how to minimize the length of those as well.

I attribute our long term good health to taking the best, most natural, immunity supplements on the market, Shaklee products.

In addition to taking a daily regimen of vitamins, at this time of year, as the days get shorter and we spend more time indoors, we add an immunity booster to our supplement diet so as to strengthen the ability to ward off some of the more common colds and flu strains.

Your health, and that of your family’s, especially those away from home, is at the top of your list of things you worry about. Take the steps to insure you will all have strong immune systems to be healthy for all the fun, family reunions during the upcoming holiday season.


Know what you need to know!


If you’ve never thought about supplements and vitamins, do research to be sure the supplements you take are natural, have no chemical additives and will get into your system – not just go into your stomach and out through your colon.

Vitamins and supplements must be absorbed into your cells in order to work!

There are lots of choices out there – many good, reputable products, as well as others that do absolutely nothing for your health – and might even make it worse.

Make sure you research thoroughly and know what you are purchasing and taking.

With all the news about ebola and entero, it is almost impossible for anyone not to be thinking about how to protect themselves and their loved ones.

I’ve found that the Shaklee Corporation’s almost 100 years of research, testing and focus on vitamins and supplements goes beyond what our government requires and provides safe, natural products that work!

I invite you to explore Shaklee products when you are doing your research!

As a long time distributor I know they are 100% Safe and natural – and with a 100% money back guarantee if you find they don’t meet your needs.

Getting used to an empty nest, finding your way to the next phase of life, worrying about your health and the health of your family living in various places – well, it can make you crazy some days!

But protecting yourself in order to be healthy should be at the top of your list. Take the steps today to ensure you and your family will be strong to fight off any virus so that you can enjoy your time together!


Enjoy these beautiful fall days!


To your health and to your best,



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