Hope and Help

by Diane Sweeney on September 17, 2013

It seems each day we are presented with an ever increasing number of situations that create fear and tension in our lives.

Natural disasters, shootings, threats of war. All of this comes at you with lightening speed through social media sources, television and radio. 

Your children are no longer home; you can no longer have the illusion of protecting them as you did when they lived under your roof.

Sometimes it seems the choice is to hold everything or everyone you love and possess as close as possible and lock them all up. You believe you can protect them best.

But those who have been hit by floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters will tell you that you can never lock it all up. Nor can you help being in a place where something just went wrong. There are some things that just cannot be controlled.

Your reaction however is under your control. You have a choice. There is ALWAYS a choice.

You can live in fear or you can live with hope.

If you choose to live in fear, you become immobilized; powerless to move forward and unable to use your gifts and talents to help those who have already been struck with tragedy.

When you live with hope you can see the light through the darkness. It doesn’t mean you are blind to what is going on around you or pretend it could never happen to you or loved ones.

It does mean you just keep on moving forward – doing the right thing, with the right people, at the right time. Which is now. 

I like to believe there are far more good people in this world ready to help those who have been struck by tragedy and evil beings.

After making sure your family and friends are as safe as they can be, then look to the people that are truly in need.

Determine what it is you can do for them.  You can always do something! Nothing is too small.

  • Stop where you are to say a prayer,
  • Pull on your boots and help in the disaster zone
  • Volunteer with a local, national, or international agency to bring relief.
  • Make a monetary contribution to assist.

Taking action shows that good will prevail!

Let us all be the good the world needs to see! Do not get stuck in fear! Be hopeful and helpful!

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