I Kicked Resistance Out the Door!

by Diane Sweeney on September 26, 2013

kickingThis week needed to be different. In every single area of my life.

My work out routine needed to be changed – I had been at a plateau for weeks. Weight was where it had been, clothes still fit the same. It was time for something different. I want to feel more fit! 

Get Focused on Living needed to move to the next level. The free guide needed to be completed, proofed, and uploaded; new pictures needed to be scheduled, an overhaul to the website has to be planned and writing of blogs and books needed to be done. I want to give more to this on line community that is growing each day! 

And then there is the day job which, of course, stills pays the bills, and is getting busier; the change of season with the house, yard and clothes (which I don’t want to do because of the weight plateau mentioned above), birthday gifts to buy and ship, planning of weekends and trips with friends and family, (then came the text about where we were spending the holidays – WHAT? – I don’t even have next weekend planned!), bill paying, doctor appointments, Facebook friends to chat with, Word with Friends turns to take, books to read and of course all the new TV shows this week! 

So who came to visit?


My friend Resistance.


On Sunday Resistance convinced me it was a day of rest.  Not to let it completely be a day of ‘nothing’ (there is a difference between rest and nothing) my husband did shop on line and choose gifts to send to our son for his birthday. I finished by clicking around on Amazon and actually ordering. (Sending birthday gifts was a new event in itself; subject for another post!) 

Monday morning! Oh my! I was exhausted (I guess from all the clicking) and felt the need lie back down on the couch for a couple of hours after hubby went off to work. Funny how two hours later I didn’t feel that much better and the to do list had not changed. Thank you Resistance for changing NOTHING!

Around 8 AM that morning, I decided to kick Resistance out. This week ABSOLUTELY HAD to be different. I needed focus! I opened the door to my mind and threw Resistance right out….. and welcomed in Action!!

By changing my mindset to not feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending list that is truly just life, I created a week of Action! 

You can do this too!

Don’t let Resistance keep you from your focus and achieving what you want. Give it a good kick in the pants and then put the momentum of Action to work. When Resistance comes knocking again (which it will – it’s a very persistent friend), just say No! 

  1. Determine what absolutely has to be done. In my case, I needed to get cards and gifts in the mail to arrive by tomorrow. By Monday at four – done! 
  1. Create an absolute concrete time to focus on your health or other important matter. I changed up my gym routine and committed to the half hour this new program tells me is all I need. Following it to a T to see if it really works – instead of my typical half-way of doing things. I’m seeing results already! 
  1. Utilize your ‘down’ time properly. Let it be a time for your mind to relax and not be stimulated by all things at once. Identify which activity for that time period will truly provide entertainment to you. If you really want to watch a TV program – watch it! Without looking at Facebook or playing a game. Read your book without the distraction of a TV program in the background. If you knit or do crafts, do them with your whole attention. You get it! 

By implementing Action instead of allowing Resistance to take residence in my mind, body and home, I have crossed off a number of things from the list and will really be ready to REST this Sunday, instead of resisting what I have to do!


Let us know how you kick Resistance out the door! Leave a comment below.





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