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by Diane Sweeney on July 18, 2013

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Recently I had the chance to reconnect with child hood friends. They were from the neighborhood I didn’t want to move from 40+ years ago that I wrote about a few weeks ago. For some, it had been 30 years since we had seen one another. 

Our parents have all remained friends through the years, a wonderful example of friendship, companionship, truly living life, and sharing love. We’ve watched them go from young 20-something parents raising families, trying to make ends meet, involved in their church and community; and then through the years of professional and personal growth, having adult children and welcoming grandchildren, yet still being able to enjoy one another’s company on long weekends to shore homes, cruise vacations, and dinners out – making it a point to connect despite distance and time restraints. And now, into the golden years of life, as distance, illness and loss have touched some of the group, they have remained true strong support – not only to one another, but to each of the families as well. 

Facebook connected some of us ‘kids’ again a few years back, so we knew tidbits about one another’s lives as we came together on a summer Sunday. But social media could not surpass the feeling of connection coming together brought to each of us as we shared lunch and laughter. 

Technology has brought immeasurable ability to stay joined, reacquaint, and even meet new people. It is amazing when you can sit in your living room and talk to a friend or relative half a world away on SKYPE. It is truly an incredible way to stay connected to those we love. 

However the face to face, live and in person, touchy-feely, connection is so much more nourishing! When talking about our connection to technology, and the need to disconnect, Tiffany Shlain (filmmaker) says in Manage Your Day-To-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus & Sharpen Your Mind distributed by Behance,


“Your soul needs to be reset.”


Very often, we convince ourselves we are connected to others through our daily use of email, texting, and social media. And we are, when used for the purpose of staying in touch, delivering messages and invitations, and organizing an event. 

However, the very best way to connect is to disconnect – and sit side by side with someone you love, someone you find interesting, or someone new who might open different worlds to you. Smiling, hugging, touching, and seeing a true reaction in someone’s face allows you to connect with them on a much deeper level than a Like on Facebook or a Tweet ever could. 

Meeting up with the daughters from my childhood (and two of the moms) was a day filled with laughter, reminiscing, tears of joy and sadness, and a lot of fun! I sat at the table and looked around at the amazing group of women – who after so many years could come together and share their lives and their hearts. 

We searched one another’s faces to see the resemblance to our pre-teen selves; we shared stories of our lives, pictures of our own families; and accomplishments in our personal growth and careers. We reminisced about our original home town, church and school (some of them even went after lunch to re-visit!) We bonded, connected, and went home with full hearts – having reconnected with our beginning and taking that back to our own homes and lives. No interaction between all of us on Facebook (and believe me, there was plenty in figuring out how to get together) could replace those moments we met on that one afternoon. 

As you transition from a houseful of people, and begin to enjoy the solace of an empty nest, don’t get caught behind your computer ‘talking’. Get out there, invite someone to meet up with you, talk a walk, have a cup of coffee, plan a weekend, join a book club… and soak in the joy of being in the presence and company of people who will fill your heart! 

It will surely reset your soul! 

Leave a comment below to let me know how you connect when you disconnect!

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