A Mid-Life Revivification

by Diane Sweeney on November 11, 2014


I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately.

This whole concept of 5 Practices that I introduced to you last week can either be embraced or plain old overwhelming.

I know because I practice trying to do them all an awful lot. And not always with success.

The idea is not to change everything about your life all at once, but rather to invite these practices into your daily activities and eventually have them be a natural part of your life.




Kind of rev it up… which is how I found the word – Revivification.

It means Renewal or Restoration of Life! Or freshen, recharge, recreate, rejuvenate…

Isn’t that what we are all doing now in mid-life? Renewing ourselves and revving up to embrace all life has to offer?

Even if you were in a good flow with a full house of family or a busy job, there is a freeing sense we begin to develop as we age to look at life differently!

So now we have the:

5 Practices for Midlife Revivification


  • Living consciously
  • Eating Naturally
  • Moving (not necessarily exercising)
  • Recognizing our role
  • Reaching beyond our limits


Were you able to take the first of the 5 Practices of Midlife Revivification- Living Consciously and begin to create awareness in your life? 

As a woman in mid-life and possibly a new empty nester –adopting the practice of living consciously becomes a pleasant change to the mad running around while trying to build a career and/or juggle the demands of a family.

Being aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it, is the first step to a healthy, less stressful life.


But not always an easy one.


After all, you are used to reacting to the needs of others, even if you are a scheduler and a planner.

There are times that the scheduling and planning, while very important, sometimes distracts us from what is in front of us.


We don’t enjoy THIS moment as we plan the moments in the future.

Think about that.

Living consciously was the first of the 5 Practices of Midlife Revivification.

Each step, acted upon separately, can create change in your life.

Taken collectively, they can take your life to places you hadn’t thought you could go.

On Friday, I’ll talk to you about step 2 – Eating Naturally!


Let’s get ready for a 2015 Revivification!


Who’s on board? Let me know what you need to revivify in your life in 2015! Leave a comment below.

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