Mindfulness – It Only Takes A Minute!

by Diane Sweeney on April 10, 2014

It Only Takes a Minute




As a young mom with a house filled with kids of my own and the kids of others, I barely had a moment to think.

Most moms are like this. 

Whip off a quick prayer and deep breath in the morning as you roll out of bed, something on the order of, “Lord get me through this day”, and then dive into the routine, the chores, the expected and unexpected moments of chaos, afternoon routine, dinner, bed time stories and then, exhaustion, as you fall into the couch for 20 minutes of mindless television watching before your eyes get heavy. 

Hubby shakes you awake soon after to tell you to go to bed. 

And then it starts all over 6 hours later (if you were not interrupted by a small hand shaking you awake in the wee hours of the morning.) 

You couldn’t wait until you had more time to live in the present moment. 

So now here you are, with a house fairly empty. The humans who do live there with you can more or less take care of themselves without your constant attention. 

Yet it appears most of us still do not take that time to stop, listen to the quiet and breathe! 

A Prevention magazine survey revealed that when asked women if they practice mindfulness only 21% said they do daily, 6% weekly, 18% occasionally, and a whopping 55% said NEVER! 

I can’t imagine this! To never find that quiet spot in your being, connect with your heart, God, and/or all of nature? 

Mindfulness can be related to your religious beliefs as it is in traditional Buddhism, through prayer in the Christian life, or it can just be something you DO as a way to be aware of all that is around you. (And to keep you sane and healthy!) 

Eckhart Tolle explains the steps to mindfulness in the Power of Now as the ability to live in the present moment to harness life’s potential. 

Christian tradition teaches us to pray, give thanks, let our requests be known to God and meditate on things that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, and of good report. The result of this spiritual practice is God’s peace. (Doesn’t that sound wonderful?) 

Barreling through life without taking time to stop and live in the present moment will do little for your happiness and health! And very little for your spiritual being. 

Practice mindfulness, prayer and living in the moment regularly and you will: 

  • Boost your immune system
  • Reduce stress and depression
  • Focus and increase your memory
  • Increase your compassion for others
  • Improve your quality of life 

This time of life is now yours! There are still many, many demands placed on it from jobs, children, extended family and the pressures that living in this day and age place on us. 

But to do more than survive, to truly live, you need to be mindful of who and where you are! 

Find the time! It’s there in your schedule. And if not, pencil it in! (Or whatever you call placing it on your Google calendar). 

If the only time you still have to yourself is in the car ride home from work, then turn off the radio, take a deep breath and live in the very present moment. 

Wake up 5 minutes earlier – and start your day breathing deep for those 5 minutes. 

Is five minutes too much time? 

Then take a minute… it starts with a minute. 

Be there. In that minute. Just be!

 Share with me how you become mindful and connect to  your heart in the comment box below.

To your best,





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