Raising Babies, Bodies and Businesses

by Diane Sweeney on November 18, 2013

start hereWhew!

What a week it was! Lots to do for clients, my ‘other’ job, our home, finances and family. Just like you!

Every week seems to have its own energy, issues, trials and victories. So how do we move forward to create a life of purpose and focus? 

A conversation with my niece who has a 2 year old and a 4 month old reminded me of how you do it. One step at a time. 

I called her at 5 PM on Monday. You could hear the exhaustion in her voice, the frustration at not being able to do it all, and her need to connect with someone who would hold a real conversation. All while the 2 year old was making noise and requests in the background! 

Bring back memories? 

What struck me most (being the experienced momma that I am!) was recognizing that I completely understood how she was feeling. Some of those days seemed to never end, I never seemed to feel like I was getting it right, and thought my children would end up dirty and shoeless unless I did something different.

Kind of like how I feel about this new phase of life, launching a business or making the changes necessary to live a healthy life. 

But my kids didn’t end up dirty and shoeless, rather they grew up to be intelligent, independent adults. How did I do that? I know it was by the grace of God, but also by following rules I didn’t know I was following. 

Guidelines you can  apply it to finding a life with purpose and focus: 

  • Be consistent – just as every day, no matter how tired you were, you washed, fed and clothed your children, do the same for your health habits, business or new endeavor. Just do what needs to be done without thinking too hard about it!
  • Know that something different has to happen if you really want something to change. When you had your kids, things changed in your life. Some you missed, some you didn’t, but it didn’t matter, because you knew why they had to change. Your focus had to be on your priority. Don’t be afraid that your new way of living and thinking will force you to give up old habits, friends, and routines. It’s okay. The new ones will fill in the spaces.(and the old ones that are meant to stay will stay).
  • Create a support system. Mom’s clubs, friends and relatives helped raise my children. Virtual assistants, trainers and mentors will help you in your next venture. Use them! Love them! Embrace them!
  • It’s okay to not do it right every single day. No one does. Some days will be huge successes, others will be just ‘good enough’. And that’s just fine!
  • Be kind to yourself!

The more life changes, the more life stays the same. What we’ve learned from being mothers, aunts, and grandmoms can be applied to anything we want to do today! 

So step out there, do what has to be done. Create the body, business and life you want! You’ve already accomplished so much – you raised another human being! – you can do anything you set your mind to!


To your best!





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