Re-Solving New Year’s Resolutions

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by Diane Sweeney on January 18, 2016

Happy New Year!



What? it’s the 18th of January.  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – the first 3-day weekend of the new year, the final weeks of the football season and the dead of winter in the mid-Atlantic.

New year? We are half way through month one of 2016! Resolutions are already broken!

Some of us (me!) tend to get started a bit later.

Several years ago I decided to hit the ground running on January 1 was a futile attempt. Our holiday season is either spent entertaining out of town relatives for two to three days or being the out of town relative when Christmas takes us to New York to visit with those same relatives.

Fit in a fun family event and a couple of days with friends, and we slide right into New Year’s Eve without having come up for a breath.

This is my holiday life and I’ve come to embrace and love the madness of spending time eating cookies and drinking wine with the people I love most.

After the clean up or the travel, by the time New Year’s day rolls in, I am still kicking around gift boxes and getting excited about the gifts I received on Christmas, because I finally have time to really reflect on how thoughtful the giver was to me.

Start a diet or re-organize? I’m still happy in my sugar coma.

So one year, I resolved to just enjoy the season a few days longer and not worry about even starting a list of resolutions until mid to late January.

(Maybe it’s my ego speaking – I can accomplish in eleven months what it takes others twelve to do?)

But really, it took the pressure off – and allowed me the time to not fall back on the same old mantra of resolutions that has been penned in journal after journal, year after year:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Get organized
  3. Stick to a budget

Despite not ‘getting started’ on January 1, with all of the talk about resolutions on media, my subconscious does begin to sort through what my intentions might be for the new year.

But by not feeling pressured to create the ‘new me’ on January 1, I have found I am able to sit back, evaluate what I know about the coming year, and realistically decide what parts of my life need an adjustment.

It’s worked for me for quite a few years – and I have been able to achieve many more goals by taking that late start out of the gate.

And then this year it dawned on me….

Do I really have to resolve to change anything?

Life is good. I’m healthy enough, wealthy enough and wise enough to get through each day. I know I can always eat better, save more and learn more. It’s a given. The repeated mantra of resolutions has allowed me to live a good life despite not always meeting my goals.

Perhaps it’s the same for you?

Maybe the only thing that we need to resolve is to not re-solve anything.

If life is basically good, then haven’t those things been solved?

Instead perhaps it’s better to just Live. Each. Day.

As A Kind Person.

One who cares about others, is true to one’s self and thanks God each day for all He has given?

One who knows how to be fun, who listens more closely and loves more deeply?

Intentions like these create a lot less stress and will be able to be sustained no matter what life throws at you!

So as I get my typical late start on a new year, I resolve not to re-solve anything, but to live each moment by giving my best to those around me.  And then letting the rest fall into place!

How about you?

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