Receiving the Gift

by Diane Sweeney on July 22, 2013

Thinking about opening ourselves to receiving, I came across this blog I wrote in the fall but had not posted. Enjoy!




I was blessed this past weekend with a gift I resisted from the moment it was given. 

My sweet, wonderful, loving husband took me away for my birthday. I know what you are saying… so what’s the problem? 

As the week progressed and I struggled and gave the excuses… why spend the money? Why spend the time – we are so busy – away every weekend as it is with football games and visiting with family. Don’t we have yard work to do? And there is this Groupon I have for a winery close to home… why not use that and just stay home? We are gong too far, too this, too that…. 

Somewhere mid-week, I made the reservation (yes, it would be best if he did it all, but there is the control freak in me, the more time in my day, the knowledge of how our time share system works, etc.- Hey just because I finally agreed to receive, doesn’t mean I step back completely! Learning is a slow process for me.)

And then, I decided to embrace the idea of going away alone with hubby, with no buffalo chicken dip to make, no football games to tend to, no one else’s schedule but ours, the ability to pick and choose when, where and why we were doing what we were doing without input from anyone else. And, low and behold, being a couple, just to be …. A couple! 

Yes, it was about me and my birthday, but it was about so much more. 

Now as empty nesters we do spend a lot of time alone… together…at meals in and out of the house … in the car… on errands… planning the next home improvement project, family gathering, tailgate menu… What we don’t always take the time to do is to focus on one another, doing the things we both like to do, or doing nothing at all. 

The weekend was wonderful. I opened my heart and my mind to receiving, something I don’t do often and certainly don’t do easily. 

Luckily for me, I had breakfast with a friend in the middle of all my resistance. She made me realize that while all my giving is good, she also made me realize, I don’t have to give up the giving in order to receive. 

At this point, it was very, very important for me to open up and allow myself to feel my husband’s love for me. To embrace it, to own it, to let it flow through me, in me and around me.His want to do something nice together. To enjoy exploring a new place as just me and him.  

And with allowing that receiving to happen, I am filled up beyond imagination to do all the things I‘ve been stuck on for weeks on end.

Like writing.

Like writing this blog.

Like getting my business moving in a forward direction. 

Some say give and you’ll get so much out of it, and that’s right…

But sometimes if you allow yourself to receive first, and truly appreciate it, you can give so, so much more! And the circle continues! 

Start your week with allowing looking for ways to both give and receive!

Note: Once you get used to allowing the giver to give and you to receive, life is full of surprises! I’ve learned a lot in the last 8 months, and I think I’m less of a control freak too! (Although there are those that would argue that point!) 

Meet me on Facebook to tell me how you will open yourself to receiving this week! Your idea might spark an idea in another person… and the circle continues!







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