A Refuge From The Darkness

by Diane Sweeney on February 12, 2014

020614-image-mrfloyd-ice1Last week was a tough one in the corner of the world where I live.

Sun rise on Wednesday morning revealed an incredible scène of Swarovski like crystals on all of the trees and anything frozen outside  – and no power to over 80% of us in the area. 

An ice storm came upon us midweek as we were still cleaning up from Monday’s snow storm. The snow froze on the trees in the area (and we are a heavily wooded county!) causing many to crack, split and fall. 

Many of the trees fell on the electric lines that provide us with all the comforts of modern living.

020514_image_ice_10_collegeville Luckily for us, we have a generator. Last year we made the investment to install a transistor switch that allows us to plug in the generator and pick and choose which rooms or appliances we want to have running off the generator. 

For the first time in 24 years of living in this house, we had water available during a power outage. 

No more looking bedraggled for days on end; 

No need to call a neighbor with public water in the hopes they would remember we run on a well that does not work when there is no power – and invite us to shower at their home; 

No more wires running across the kitchen haphazardly in order to be plug in the fridge, the oven and a microwave, or keep plugging and unplugging lamp or light that you needed at the moment. 

It was glorious. So easy; so comfortable. And with 3 and 4G phones, we even had access to news and social media despite the cable and internet being down. 

84 hours without electricity didn’t seem too bad at all. 

Could it really be this easy to survive an emergency situation? 

We knew we were blessed by being prepared. 

We knew we were blessed with being able to afford a generator and the hook up to the house. 

We knew we were lucky we only had two of us home and no children to keep entertained.


We knew not everyone was as lucky.


The biggest blessing came in realizing that instead of us knocking on doors for assistance, we could be the ones to offer assistance to our neighbors and friends! 

We could provide warmth for their chilled bones. 

We could provide refrigeration for their food. 

We could feed them! 

We could charge up their cell phones and iPads. 

We could be a place of refuge from the darkness. 


And isn’t that all any of us want to be to human kind?

A refuge from the darkness?


We make a lot of decisions in life based on what we need, our own creature comforts and to make our own lives easier. Certainly that is why we purchased a generator several years ago and then had the transistor switch installed last year. 

At the time we made these purchases, it was a stretch on our budget and we sacrificed something. But we knew being prepared for the inevitable storms was more important than a new sofa or a weekend away. 

What we didn’t realize at the time is that being prepared, stretching our budget and creating a comfortable space, we now can invite, embrace and assist others through any storm.


We could be a refuge from the darkness.


So much of our time is spent worrying about what something will or will not do for us alone. 

We are all connected, some how, some way. 

Whether you believe as I do that we are connected through a wonderful and loving God; that we are all energy vibrations working off of one another, or just because we are all living beings – we are connected. 

I invite you to think about the decisions you make for your health, your home and your family as being made for the world around us. This experience has opened my eyes to think bigger and wider about everything I do. And my heart becomes filled with joy! 

Be a refuge from the darkness for someone today! 

It can be a simple act of kindness, a smile or a listening ear. Be present with what they need at that moment. Your impact could be huge!


Tell us when you’ve experienced a refuge from the darkness. Leave your comments below.


To your best,








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