Are You Shoveling Your Goals Aside with the Snow?

by Diane Sweeney on January 29, 2014

SnowShovelling_300_mdnMost of us are having a love/hate affair with this winter.

It certainly does look pretty when it snows and we can all think about  how nice it is to cozy up with hot cocoa and take a ‘snow day’, but the reality of the traveling, heating and shoveling issues seem to last longer than the snow day glow. 

Kind of like when we start to reach for our goals, be they adopting a new healthy lifestyle, pursuing a new business experience or adapting to a relationship change in our life. 

At first, it all seems nice and exciting. We plan our new meals and buy our new workout clothes; create our business goals and get them written down in our new planner or iPhone; or make space for a new person in our home and social schedule or clear out the space where another had been for too long. 

Quicker than an icicle melts in the sunshine, soon after trying to adapt to our new ideals, we long for our old way of being. 

It was easier. 

It was comfortable. 

Why do we have to do something new? How can I shovel this all away and get back to ‘normal’? 

The snow is necessary in the winter to prevent drought in the summer. That is one simple purpose as to why we need it. And to receive the water it eventually produces, we must first struggle through the snow, ice and mess. 

As January winds down, many of us begin to toss aside our goals and intentions for the new year.


I encourage you to go back to defining your purpose for creating your goal.


Keep your belief in your idea or principle in the forefront. Don’t focus on your discomfort and fear about the process. Remember you wanted to: 

  • To be healthy and live free of dis-ease (be it weight or illness);
  • To use your talents and skills in a business that will make a difference to someone else and make you debt free
  • To create the freedom of new circles of friends that will open your world to new opportunities for fun and relationships


Just as we should enjoy the snow, enjoy the process of growing and changing! Embrace it! Celebrate it! And keep on moving forward! 

Stay warm. Stay safe. Stay strong.

Get Focused on Living your Life with Purpose!

To your best,





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