YOUR Summer Plans… Not Theirs!

by Diane Sweeney on June 21, 2013


Today is the first day of summer! Yahoo! I hope you have fantastic plans to make it a memorable one!

What happens, though, between the intent of having a season filled with days at the beach, backyard picnics, wine with good friends, reading a dozen good books and the reality of what we actually end up doing?


I think the way we think we decide and the way we actually decide don’t have that much in common. ~ Ogilvy Group UK vice chairman Rory Sutherland


In your heart, you want to do these ‘summer’ time things. Then you look at the calendar filled with ‘other fun things’ – graduation parties, community celebrations, family commitments – and get overwhelmed thinking “How could I possibly fit in one more thing? I have to see this one and I have to do that. So no time for this! Sigh…” 

Sure those other plans are fun too, but do they speak to what you really, really want to do? 

You are mature enough and wise enough now to make some of your own decisions about what fills you up and what drains your energy. Sometimes those other commitments do not need to take as much of your time and you need to recognize that. And care about it! 

Focus – and look at that calendar again…..carefully! 

There is white space there……little nuggets of time for y ou.

 And before someone else says “You’re Invited” – fill that white space with dates like:


  • My day at the beach
  • Date Night
  • Reading Dan Brown’s Inferno  (yes, all in one 3 hour sitting!)
  • Just Sitting in the Yard


That is how we refuel and refresh and bring a better YOU to all the other events and to those you love. 

So take out that calendar now – before someone else fills it up – and fill it up with the BEST summer plans for YOU!

And stay on the track to Focused Summer Living!


What summer activity gives you the most joy and fulfillment? Come share with us at my Facebook page.







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