The Journey to Discovery

by Diane Sweeney on September 10, 2013



It’s been a couple of weeks since my last posting.

I can tell you all of the things I have been doing that kept me from writing a blog post. But that would not do any good for you, for you have all of your things that keep you from doing what you want to do and know are important to get done. Why do you need to read about mine? That would take you further away from getting done what you want and need to accomplish.

What I can share with you, however, is some things that have come to the forefront in my journey to create a community of strong, talented women like you who want to understand how to navigate the stages of mid-life and empty nests.

1. Discernment is not the same as decision making. It takes a lot longer to discern than it does to make a decision. (You decide to purchase peaches vs nectarines; you  the purpose of your business or your calling.)

2. Self worth is not about what you have accomplished. You are not a resume. It is about using the gifts you have been given to make a difference. It can be in the life of one person, your community or the world. You may have accomplished a lot, but that is not necessarily who you are!

3. The journey of discerning what your gifts are and then finding the place to let them shine is one of starts and stops, but the key is to always keep moving forward.

So today, I encourage you to not beat yourself up about what you haven’t done – for your health, for your family, for your own personal achievement – but rather take the time to choose one thing to work on this week.

Try this process:

1. Think about your natural gifts – something that as always come easy for you.  For instance, an artistic talent, cooking or baking skills, patience and empathy to care for others, an eye for decorating; you get it. Write down what has always come easy for you.

2. Next, think about those skills you have acquired over the years. Perhaps you learned bookkeeping, how to organize an event, how to write short stories, or time management skills.

3. When you write your lists, notice what gets you excited. What makes you smile as you think about how you used a gift or skill that made others smile and feel good too! Then learn more about where skills like these are used the most. 

Begin to recognize the connections between what you do naturally and what you like to do. This will begin your process of discernment and discovery to your purpose!   

In the coming weeks you will learn more about steps you can take! Let me know where you are on your journey and what help you might need! Or as you follow this process, let me know what you discover! Leave a comment below!














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