Your Voice Can Make a Difference

by Diane Sweeney on September 23, 2013



Last night I had the incredible opportunity to enjoy an hour or so of music presented by our local Brandywine Area Community Choir. As luck would have it, the performance was scheduled at my church. How convenient!

From the beginning to end, their performance is outstanding and uplifting. Moving and powerful songs about our God and our country.

But when they perform the Battle Hymn of the Republic, chills went up my spine, tears spilled down my face and my heart was both warmed and torn in recognition of all our country represents.

I walked away proud.

Proud of the America I live in. Proud of my freedom to practice my religion, work as I want to, marry whom I want, live where I want, send my children to the schools that I want. Proud that I can establish a business from my home while my husband works in an industry that provides the aircraft for our military.

I am proud and grateful to every American who puts themselves out there in any way they can. Military, fire fighters and police, politicians, caregivers, pastors and ministers, teachers, food bank organizers, little league & pee wee football coaches, all the way down to the person who helps another in a grocery store parking lot.

I was also humbled.

Humbled by the power of the spirit that we each have within us to do what we can with what we have, and then so much more! I am humbled by those who give so much – some even the ultimate sacrifice.

We are all here together. We don’t always agree. We each have our crosses to bear, our burdens to carry and a journey through life that we must live.

But each of us, in our own way, in our own time, and in the space in which we exist can make a difference.

Each day, give something. Each day, serve someone.

If you don’t feel like smiling, then give one away to someone else who needs it more. The smallest gesture can make the biggest difference.

We can’t all be service people, organizers or choir singers.

But you can use your voice to sing or say a kind word. It matters.

And when we each do, the difference will be felt in the world!

Last night, those choir members made a difference!

Leave a comment below to tell us about how someone you know has made a difference!

The Brandywine Area Community Choir is made up of volunteer choir members from various churches in our area. For 35 years they have presented uplifting religious music to the local community to raise funds for different organizations. Since 9/11, they have added a patriotic music component to pay tribute to our veterans, service members, first responders and community volunteers. The benefactor for their shows these last three years has been the Travis Manion Foundation – a cause close to my heart because of how it was started and what they represent.


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