The World is Your Stage – 4th Practice of Midlife Revivification -Recognizing Your Role

by Diane Sweeney on December 4, 2014

The World is Your Stage

The World is Your Stage - Step Into Your Role

The World is Your Stage – Step Into Your Role



Remember your late teen years when you were anxiously awaiting that time in life to become an adult?

The days could not go fast enough as you anticipated the time you would have freedom from parental rule and curfews, could live on your own, make your own money and be independent.

Most women of our generation were not ‘scared’ to move to the next phase of life. You looked forward to college life, entering the corporate world, choosing to be married or not, and enjoying the pursuit of their life’s passion.

But you were anxious and tense at times, not knowing what to expect next.

For many of those who chose to become a mom, there was no doubt about what that new phase of life would mean. You knew you were born to become a momma and couldn’t wait for the soft touch of a newborn in your arms.

But you were anxious and tense at times, not knowing what to expect next.

There was that question of whether you were prepared for your chosen or motherhood, were not sure how they were going to handle the responsibilities that came along with whatever road you chose or how to juggle a life that included it all.


Act 1 – Rising Action


Every woman has had days of winging it, days of total despair and many tears over lost opportunities, rocky or toxic relationships or colicky babies who never slept. At the same time, every woman has experienced weeks and months of unending joy with successes in life and work, or watching a tiny baby grow through toddler years to teen, and then to young adult and beyond.

Through it all, women identify as:

nurturer, caregiver, manager and CEO (at home and at work); laundry lady, chief cook and bottle washer, etc.;

creator of business plans and businesses, costumes, school projects, parties and holiday magic;

 – the volunteer you never knew you even wanted to be;

and, the teacher of many things including working one’s way through corporate politics, ABC’s, driving, and manners (both at work and home!).

You’ve stepped into any ‘role’ that was thrown at you because of your intimate and undying love for your child, the focused pursuit of a leadership position, or just to be the best person you could be.

But for many, as midlife opens its doors to welcome you, there are questions about what lies ahead.


You may be anxious and tense at times, not knowing what to expect next.

The next phase brings what you were looking forward to as a teen dreaming of your future – freedom.

A much different freedom than you experienced in earlier years.


Act 2 – Transformation


You are now a woman with vast experiences, no matter what those experiences are.

You are a woman with knowledge about many, many areas of life, work, home, family (related persons or not).

Your opinions, about philosophy, religion, politics, morals and values, are important to this world because they are based on a real life, well lived. Even if that life wasn’t perfect.

You now appreciate the joy that comes from change because you have the wisdom to make choices that will benefit not only you, but those in your sphere of influence and beyond.

You are a guide, a teacher, a mentor. You are a master at the crafts and skills that you have developed over 50 years (give or take) of living life by trial and error, some days surviving by the seat of your pants.

You know the heights of happiness and the depths of despair.  You’ve loved and lost.  You’ve achieved and created things you never could have imagined.


You are blessed to be here, alive, today.


Step into your role. You are free to be whoever you are.


Let your life be example to your children, your co-workers and those whose life you touch each day.


Your role now is to be wonderful, fabulous you! Go take your stage!


5 Practices for Midlife Revivification

  1. Living consciously
  2. Eating Naturally
  3. Moving (body, mind and spirit)
  4. Recognizing your role
  5. Reaching beyond our limits

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