3 Healthy Choices to Help Humankind

by Diane Sweeney on October 16, 2013

farmers-market-photo1 (1)We hear it all the time. Eat Healthy, Exercise, Breathe! 

These things that should come naturally to us, but do not, have been created by the evolution of food choices. And not all of them healthy choices!

We are born – pure, sweet, unscathed by anything but what is healthy and good for us. God has created us in a perfect form, given us the best channel through which to enter the world. And PLOP! Out comes this ideal human being – and then it all begins! 

Unlike the brouhaha that is voiced in the media, I do not believe blame should be focused on individual parents – those who breastfeed and those who do not, those who inoculate and those who do not, but to the evolution of the world and industrialization of society. 

All the development of processing food, preserving it through chemicals, growing it better, stronger, bigger – well it did have some justification as we moved out of our communities into a bigger world.  The original intent was good, but the focus has been lost.

The idea was to bring foods that couldn’t be grown in New York in winter from California and Florida. Or from India to the North America. Keep it fresh to get it from point A to point B.  The process, however, fell way to the greedy: the people wanted more of what they were getting, faster, better, bigger and those who could profit kept it moving forward. It has become about making money at the expense of our health. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I like my berries and oranges in winter in Pennsylvania. I’ve not been to Hawaii yet, but I’ve had plenty of pineapple in my life time. For this I am grateful. (wink!) pineapple-su-682741-l But I do not have to ingest it all the time. I can make choices for non-preserved, non-chemically treated fresh foods on a regular basis. And enjoy those treats on occasion.  Where we lose perspective is thinking that we don’t have control. That this is what is available so we must eat it.  If you care about your health, and more importantly, the health of your children and grandchildren, it is time to start to make better choices.  This week, institute just three small changes in how you shop, purchase and eat foods. 

  1. Choose one locally grown organic fruit or vegetable to purchase. You can keep on buying non-organic for the others, but choose one.
  2. If you’re a salty/crunchy snacker instead of purchasing chips, make your own tortilla or potato chips. Cut up corn tortillas into triangles or slice potatoes, coat them in olive or coconut oil, season with any one of the multitude of flavors available, bake and enjoy!
  3. Go to the local whole food store or farmers market in your area. Make it an excursion! Explore, talk to the farmer or store employee. Choose a food you like and find the healthy alternative. 

Taking small steps like these begins to create the ‘change’ process in your mind. You will continue to look for ways to make healthier choices.  It will be good for you… and for the rest of humankind as we work together to let the world know what is important to us! 

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