About Me

Welcome to Get Focused on Living!

I bet you stopped in because things are a little chaotic in life.

You are either in the middle of those chaotic years of child raising, career building and home establishing, or at the other end… and the familiar chaos is changing, but the new order of things makes you pause.

Either way, you are likely asking.

“Who am I? Who was I? What happens next? And how do I stay in control?”

I remember asking those questions when I had my first son and life turned upside down. Then, 18 years later when he (and then the next one) left for college, I asked them again.

Life changes – constantly and always.

And sometimes it’s hard to go along with the change.

But what keeps us grounded is relationship.

Relationship with others, but more importantly with ourselves.

When the nest started to empty, I found that physically, mentally and spiritually, I needed to do some fixing and changing (and pampering) in order to thoroughly enjoy what this next phase of my life would be.

After lots of meditating, praying and meeting incredible people …

My craft for writing has turned into a fruitful and fulfilling freelance copywriting business.

Wishing for a healthy lifestyle, I followed the path which has allowed me to become a health and wellness consultant.

And love for my family and friends has encouraged me to always find ways to include new and interesting people in my life through blogging to people – like you!

At first, I wanted to do it all at once and bigger and better than everyone else.

So I started all the phases of making  a change, and usually got nothing done. So what I learned most was how to get focused – and to live a Full Life!

It’s not always been easy, and certainly, I’ve not conquered it, but when you learn it’s more about the journey, it all starts to come into, well…. Focus!

Get Focused on Living is a comfortable and familiar spot where you can come to share and learn with like-minded folks to knowing who you are – whatever phase of life you are in.

You’ll find support for your health, for your relationships and for any new adventures (business or otherwise) you want to try.

It’s a place to find you again!

I invite you to join me on this journey to YOUR FULL LIFE!

We are put on this earth not to exist, but to live….  So let’s get going!


“God has a plan for each of you, a plan for good and not evil, a plan to prosper you and not harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11).


By the way … that’s my handsome husband Don in the picture… the most focused person I know and the most fun person with whom to share my life!