Change… life is full of it! (And Not Just Quarters and Dimes!)

by Diane Sweeney on July 11, 2013


Change is something that does not come easily for most. I resist it with all the strength I can muster. I like my life the way it is – always! Even if it’s not running perfect at that very moment, it always seems just easier to stay where I am. 

The first time I can truly remember resenting and resisting change was when my family moved from the borough of Queens in NY out to ‘the Island”, Long Island that is – 40 miles distant from the home where I had established all my wonderful grade school friends and traditions. Of course, at age 13, 40 miles seemed a million miles away! Never mind that everyone else was also moving out as well. The neighborhood was changing, as was life for my parents, and it was time for them to buy their dream home in the suburbs. 

Obviously I had absolutely no control over that move. And at the time, I did not believe I had control over anything else. 

The night before we moved away, I remember writing on the lavender colored walls in my small closet in that attached home that I loved so much – “This is DIANE’S room. Always will be!” I was so proud of myself, I had left my mark. I SHOWED those new owners who belonged there.  (I am sure it was painted over within a week of our moving and no one even saw it!) 

And then I did what any normal hormonally challenged teen would do – I made life miserable for my parents. I cried and carried on, I asked to be driven back to sleepovers and parties each weekend, and did not try too quickly to make new friends at my new school. 

Fast forward 40 + years later. I’ve discovered that life is NOTHING BUT CHANGE. And while initially resisting change is a normal reaction, sometimes surrendering to change is a heck of a lot easier. 

The top two definitions of surrender at are: 

1. To relinquish possession or control of to another because of demand or compulsion.

2. To give up in favor of another.

When it comes to surrendering to change, I would embellish that second definition with “to give up in favor of another good choice”. 

None of us would enjoy a life stuck in the same routine forever. That is why we find movies like “Groundhog Day” or “50 First Dates” entertaining. Watching someone else’s life repeat day after day becomes a comedic as we watch, because of the underlying fear that it could happen to us if we stopped living life as it is meant be lived – a fluid, growing, changing journey.

Once we surrender to the changes that we cannot control, we usually find ourselves facing new choices that we can control, grow from, and embrace as a ‘new normal’. 

Which I eventually did when my family moved. I did adapt to my new surroundings, made life a bit easier for my parents, found new friends, and life continued on very happily in this wonderful new home and town until my next move (which was my choice, and an oh so totally different experience!)

Today, when faced with a change that is not in your control, surrender to it and find the opportunity to live life more fully!

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