Courage – Do You Have What it Takes?

by Diane Sweeney on April 17, 2014



As Easter approaches, there is a lot of talk about new birth and rebirth. Birth doesn’t just happen – it takes the form of courage. 

As a mom, you have the insider view – after all, you had the eggs of fertility to bring about the creation of new life, gave birth to that life (wasn’t that a moment of courage??) and then raised that being to adulthood. 

For some, there is the belief that their mission has been fulfilled and you might slip easily into the next phase of life. 

There are others of you, however, left wondering what to do next. You sift and sort through career, hobby, travel, and lifestyle changes – trying this, that and the other thing. You enjoy the discovery of each new adventure, keeping what works, and chalking the others up to an experience (or experiment!). 

And then there are others who have so many things they want to do, they don’t know where to start. 

They become numb, overwhelmed or frozen in place with the inability to move forward on their thoughts, works and dreams. 

Surely they function in their jobs, homes and community. But there is confusion and uncertainty about one’s ability to master a new skill, start a new endeavor or be a significant contributor to society. 

Think back…. Did you know what you were doing when you had your children? 

For most, the answer is no.  

Whether you planned when you started your family or were ‘surprised’ at the news, most of the journey of raising a family is done without training, with only 9 months preparation, andcourageously. 

Courage isn’t the lack of fear, but a learned ability to move beyond fear. 

You couldn’t be fearful raising your kid – you had to keep moving forward; be brave to let them crawl and walk, leave home and drive, go off to college or their first job and get on with their own lives. 

You ENCOURAGED them; you gave them the tools. 

We aren’t born with courage – it’s virtue that is acquired. And the more you display courage, the stronger you become. 

So why is it, when it comes to moving forward on your own dreams, the courage you’ve displayed in so many other things just disappears, and you allow fear to become the dominate emotion? 

Let go of the expectations of what you thought life would be like at this age/stage. Let go of what you believe others expect of you. 

Do what YOU expect of you! 

You want to sky dive? Look at 80 year old Biddy McCormick! 

Laura Ingalls Wilder published her first book in the Little House on the Prairie series at 64. 

There are people who go to culinary school at age 55 or back for their college degree late in life. Nola Ochs received her degree at age 95! 

Despite what you are feeling on the inside, as a mother you acquired the instinctive capability of pushing down the fear, taking the deep breathe and allowing life to happen for your children as it was meant to happen. You let go. 

So why not do this for yourself? 

Sign up for a marathon, enroll in school, or take up a new sport! 

Get over the fear, find your courage and move forward!

It’s a new life – time for a new birth! Let that birth be the uncovering of the best COURAGEOUS you that you can be!

What courageous new thing have you tried? Share in the comment section below.

To your Courageous best,



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