Focus Comes from the Heart

by Diane Sweeney on June 15, 2013

Without our heart, we cannot live. It is the central organ of our existence; the pump and valves for keeping us moving each day.
Our heart is where we start our journey to Get Focused on Living.
Most people think it is their head that needs to get focused, but the message that is received in our brain is from our heart. It is your heart that speaks and lets you know what it is that will make you happiest. Look at all the ways our heart guides our lives:
  • have a heart – be merciful
  • change of heart – change your mind
  • to know something by heart – memorize something
  • broken heart – to lose love
  • heartfelt – deeply felt
  • have your heart in the right place – to be kind
  • cry your heart out – to grieve
  • heavy heart – sadness
  • have your heart set on – to want something badly
While racking your brain to understand why you are so bogged down, overwhelmed and just can’t seem to find focus, many of us overlook what is in our hearts.
It is our heart that tells us our desires; it is our brain that understands the logic to get there. Many of us get confused by the mixed messages from the media, our loved ones and our heart. This is where we begin to lose direction and focus; this is where we get caught up in the have to’s and push to the side the want to’s. And those two consistently conflict, causing the lack of direction and focus.
When was the last time you had a heart to heart with your heart? And then took the next step to follow it? What is your heart saying? Does it ask you to be healthier? Can you hear it say, “Start that book, business, family?”
Journaling is one of the best ways I’ve found to get back in touch with your heart. Remember when you were younger and had all of those dreams and desires? Write them down again – see which are still possible to achieve, see which have been replaced with dreams you could not have thought of when you were younger, and reach for the new ones that will help your heart to soar.
If you’d like to share your dreams, we’d love to hear them and support you in following them. Please leave a comment below.
Next issue: How to take those written dreams and make them come alive!
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