Do You Know Who You Want To Be?

by Diane Sweeney on October 8, 2013

being 2What do you want to do? This is a question you have likely posed to your teenage or young adult children these last few years. You discuss choices for majors, career paths and what it takes to make money and create an independent life. 

Some of your children have had a path they have known they wanted to follow since they were young and they stay true to the course. 

Others are unsure – after all, it’s a daunting decision at 17 to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life! They have only been around a short time and haven’t even begun to know what opportunities exist out in the world.  Work, college and life experiences help them begin to understand where their true calling lies. 

While you want your children to set out on a path, you know that the path will likely not be straight. There will be other decisions to be made along the way. Many based on the values they learned from you. 

The real question becomes who they want to be. And this they continue to learn from your example. 

Just as your children are making decisions about what and who they want to be when they grow up, you may be feeling the same. 

There are lots of things you can DO at this time of life, but more important is who you want to BE.


“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” ~ C.S. Lewis


Decisions you make about the type of work you do – paid or unpaid, corporate career path or creative soloprenuer – will be based on those intrinsic values that you have inside of you, coupled with the skills and abilities you have learned. 

The decisions I have made to pursue my own business and work as an independent contractor have not always been easy. But they were based on my beliefs, values and need to: 

  • Be as available to my family as possible
  • Read, grow and learn something new every day
  • Give back to the community in whatever way possible
  • Connect people to one another
  • Be open minded and creative
  • Do more with less
  • Have the ability to organize & manage my time
  • Be grateful and forgiving
  • Create my own success in line with God’s plan for me
  • Live in the present moment

All of these things, of course, could be done in any work environment. It is not what I do and where I do it, as much as staying true to my values and beliefs that will determine where I will find the most purpose and fulfillment.

Take some time today to write a list of your beliefs and values. 

When you prioritize what is most important to you, you have an easy guide for the decisions you make for life, work, relationships and even dinner! 

Share who you want to be when you grow up in the comments section below!

To your best!


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