Forget Preserving the Status Quo – Find New Energy!

October 8, 2015
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“The more you are afraid of dying, the more energy you devote to preserving yourself. And that means less energy to spend on trying new things.”   While reading my daily devotional in The Word Among Us, this line was part of the reflection. It stopped me. The meditation is in reference to Hebrews 2:14 […]

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Celebrating a New Kind of Freedom!

July 6, 2015

How was your holiday weekend? Did you celebrate the 239th birthday of America with BBQ’s and fireworks? Did you watch and cheer the unprecedented hat-trick of Carli Lloyd in the women’s FIFA World Cup Soccer Championship game that led to the 3rd win in USA Women’s soccer history? What a game!     Turning Inward […]

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Taking Time Out to Create More Time

June 18, 2015

Life… funny thing about it – it goes on around you, no matter what you are doing! And sometimes doing nothing at all makes it better! As I’ve continued to create the space of Get Focused on Living and my copywriting business, circumstance and connection have provided me with chances to meet new people, learn […]

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Maintain Control When Life Sends You Spinning

May 7, 2015

  How to Control the Big Spinner of Life! Remember that playground equipment known as the Big Spinner or the Merry Go Round? You know, that large round plank of wood or steel that multiple kids could pile up on, some sitting, some standing begging some strong older kid or adult to push and spin […]

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Simple. Joyful. Memorable.

December 18, 2014

Are you wishing it was over? “The Holidays”, that is! Between the demands on your time, your wallet and your body, coupled with the awful things that are happening around the world on a daily basis, there are days that seem difficult to get through.   But don’t wish it away!   I vowed to […]

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I Cry, Pray and Hope

December 16, 2014

I cry … for the innocent lives lost in Pennsylvania, Pakistan and Sydney – and for those not in the news that lost their lives in other unnamed towns, cities and countries throughout the world. I cry for the father who, in acting for his children, did not think of his children when he killed their […]

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Reaching Beyond Your Limits – The 5th Practice of Mid-Life Revivification

December 11, 2014

  “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ~e.e. cummings   Jeez, you ask…how much more can I do? When discussing the 5th Practice of Mid-Life Revivification, Reaching Beyond Your (self-imposed) Limits, some women become anxious and annoyed at the implied expectation that they are supposed to DO MORE! These women […]

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