Taking Time Out to Create More Time

by Diane Sweeney on June 18, 2015

Life… funny thing about it – it goes on around you, no matter what you are doing! And sometimes doing nothing at all makes it better!

Taking Time Out Creates Time

Taking Time Out Creates Time

As I’ve continued to create the space of Get Focused on Living and my copywriting business, circumstance and connection have provided me with chances to meet new people, learn new skills and adjust my expectations.

Life has become so, so much bigger! And I have learned that it is fun to do things that get me out of my comfort zone.

  • Where I thought I’d be focused on speaking to the empty nest life – the audience I speak to is all women in mid-life, whether or not they have children and whether they have full-time careers, part-time work or work from home businesses.
  • The American Writers and Artists, Inc. copywriting classes I took last year to hone my writing skills have opened up doors for me I could not have imagined. I now write for multiple clients in various industries, allowing me the chance to learn about raising alpacas and new, innovative home improvement products – among others –  topics and industries I knew little about before these folks became clients.


[tweetthis]”>You can’t plan for all the good in your life. You just have to receive it when it comes!<[/tweetthis]


There was a point a few months ago, where all of this ‘good’ became a new kind of overwhelm in juggling time, energy and skills.

A well-timed, long-planned vacation helped me to just stop. And I hadn’t really planned on stopping.

The lap top and files came along with me on the plane.

But they were rarely touched.

Once there I realized the time was a gift not to only re-connect with my husband, but to re-connect with my soul.

I didn’t write.

I rarely looked at Email or social media.

I read.

I played.

I biked until my legs were sore, really sore!

I prayed and thanked God for all he has given and asked him to guide me in my journey.

Egret in Florida

I saw sea turtles swimming, egrets landing on my table (and snitching my hubby’s burger!), pods and pods of dolphins playing with the tourists, and the wide, beautiful expanse of the Gulf of Mexico gently lapping day in and day out, restoring health in mind and body to all who rested there.

“Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will.” – W. Clement Stone





So la, de, da for you, you say? That doesn’t fit into my life. 



Essayist Tim Krieger wrote in the New York Times, “Idleness is not just a vacation, an indulgence or a vice; it is as indispensable to the brain as vitamin D is to the body, and deprived of it we suffer a mental affliction as disfiguring as rickets.”


Not everyone can get away to places far and different, but you can create havens of time that allow you to connect with your soul, begin to understand who you were, are and want to be, and allow you to look forward to the changes that will continue to happen in your life.

Whether in your home, your yard, a local park, beach, lake or somewhere a plane ride away, find time to just be.

To allow the busyness of your life to stop for whatever time you have – even if it’s only a few moments.

Stopping creates time, energy and brain cells!

Since I’ve returned from my ‘idle’ vacation a whole new energy has been created.

I no longer think I don’t have enough … time, energy, or wits about me.

Instead, I’ve recognized that there is plenty of time, energy and brain power to create wonderful things for my clients, my family and myself!

Create sacred time for yourself. Be it 10 minutes a day, one day a month, or a vacation away from the ordinary. You do have the time! And when you return – you’ll find out how much more you have as well!

Inspire others! Comment below to let us know what you do to create time for yourself!















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