Sailing on the Crest of Change

by Diane Sweeney on October 17, 2016



2016 has been a year of renovation and transformation.

And a good bit of introspection too!

Within our home, which is also my primary workspace, we renovated our kitchen and updated the flooring in our living room and in our laundry room.

For some people, all that activity would seem exciting and energizing.

For me, making all of those decisions was, on many days, immobilizing.

I fear making the wrong one.


All the time.


While the physical space around me was renovated, my work-flow/life also transformed.

More decisions. Or deciding if I made the right decision by committing to copywriting almost full time.

Again, fearing I made the wrong decision, I spent a lot of time learning and a lot less time writing.


It was a good way to look busy, but not necessarily be productive.


So I learned more about writing and wrote. Not for myself and not for you, my faithful followers and friends.

But I have been writing for others. Newsletters, blogs, proposals, email campaigns and more.

The kind writing that helps to pay the bills for the awesome new granite countertops and polished hardwood floors.

Now, however, I want to write other stuff again.

I learned that by digging deep, real deep. A lot of meditating, discussion with wonderful coaches, truth sessions with my inner self and lots of talking with the best coach of all, God.

And it came back to –  I want to write. And teach.

And share what this journey has helped me to discover … with you!


Sailing on New Waterways


When I started this journey at Get Focused on Living in 2013 my focus was talking to those in the empty nest phase of life.

In reflection, I realize I chose that audience because I needed a support group around me to help me navigate the new waters of post-in home parenting.

Well, I’m sailing on those waves now, understanding (most days) how to pull the sails to steer this way or that, depending on what is happening in the lives of those I love who no longer live in my house. And even in the life of those who do!

What I learned most is there will always be a new waterway to discover, the learning is going to continue for the rest of my life, and while I don’t know it all, I do know a lot more than I believed I did.


And that, my friend, …. is so damn exciting!


Along the way, I’ve met some of the most incredible people.

Successful business owners, inspiring spiritual advisors, supportive moms, grandmoms, dads and ‘pops’  – each who have allowed me their time, expertise and energy to guide me in a direction that is right for me – and to support me when I am not so sure it is the right way.

So I come full circle – back to Get Focused on Living.


Let’s Do This Together


Now, however, the focus won’t linger on ‘the empty nest’, but rather Your Full Life.

We’ll chat and laugh – you know the kinds of chats that used to happen over backyard fences or over a cup of Lipton tea or A & P coffee in your neighbor’s kitchen.

We’ll pull one another through days that are not great. And celebrate those days that become special in an instant.


Let’s expand, reach, grow and thrive. Make your days full of health, life, fun … and real relationship with others. Not just clicking likes or sending smiley faces.

If you are looking to focus on your health and well-being, we’ll share what we each are learning, what is working and what is just plain old crazy!

If you are expanding or starting a business, there are road maps, proven methods, good strong copywriting tips I can share to help you promote your business on line and off. And you can share what you know with me.

And if you are just looking for some simple inspiring and supportive messages (with no political agenda attached), those will be here too!

Easy, gentle and fulfilling moments.

Just like those backyard chats and kitchen gab sessions.

It’s so good to be back!

Let’s raise our sails together and ride together for a bit, chat and catch up.

I bet you’ve been busy renovating and transforming too!

Tell me what’s been going on in your life. Comment below or drop me an email.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


To your full life,



P.S. If my message doesn’t fit into your life right now, feel free to unlike, unfollow or unsubscribe. I won’t be hurt. You’ve got your own waterways to navigate, I get it! We’ll meet again on the next wave.

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