Under The Sea – Me? No Way!

by Diane Sweeney on July 8, 2013


There I was busy researching for and writing about mid life transition, health and wellness, using our gifts, focusing on things you’ve always wanted to do, and the big one – overcoming resistance.


Along comes my adventurous husband who so innocently says during dinner, “Why don’t we take scuba diving lessons before we go to Mexico later this year? Wouldn’t that be fun?”


The look shot back to him is like a deer in the headlight….me? Claustrophobic me? The one whose skin creeps as we watch those fascinating underwater dives through caves and crevices in oceans deep? The one who had to get out of the tent while camping in Yellowstone because she felt there was not enough air to breathe? (Moose and elk roaming around the campground felt far less threatening to me than being in the tent! What was I thinking?)


After wondering aloud if he remembered who he was married to, I put on my best coaching hat (he doesn’t think I always look attractive when I put that hat on) and tell him all the reasons it would be great for HIM …. to do this alone. I ranted on how it was perfectly okay if we did not do this as a couple; that he should pursue things he wants to do even if I do not want to do it; he’d be able to come back to the beach where I finished my book and tell me all about his adventures and new found friends; at some point he could even dive with our son who is already certified! Wouldn’t that be great?


Being the calmer, more accepting human that he is, he asked me to think about it as his disappointed eyes averted back to his chicken stir-fry and he moved on to tell me more about his day. In his mind, it was another great adventure idea put to rest by my resistance to “Try”.


The next morning as I flipped through my journal and jotted down ideas for future blogs, books and programs I wanted to create, out popped the – Renewing Your Marriage topic! I had already written down:


  • Doing new things together
  • Being open to possibilities
  • Listening to one another
  • Supporting the other’s dreams


Bang! It hit me!


Before even considering what the possibilities were for trying something new as an individual, as a couple, for exploring new territory and ideas, for meeting new friends, for sharing something together… I took my inner fears and said flat out…. “No.”. I didn’t even give it a chance.


How often do we do that each and every day and miss opportunities to grow, learn, meet new people, create memories, and share with those we love? Stuck in our stubborn ways and thought patterns, we allow the gifts set before us to get pushed away as we continue in the same old routine.


Today, open your heart to the possibility of trying something new… volunteer with a group you’ve not helped before, pick up the knitting needles and give it a shot, find a new gym or walking group that will keep you motivated, add a new healthy food to your diet. Anything… Let go of the resistance and all the whys, and just do it. Nothing we see, use or enjoy was created without someone trying and failing, and then trying again or moving on to something different.


So, later this week, we’ll sign up for scuba lessons I’ll keep you posted on the progress!


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