Worrying – The Unhealthy Habit

by Diane Sweeney on July 15, 2013


 Don’t Worry – Just Be!

Last week I posted on Facebook & Twitter how after writing my to-do list for the day, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Ironically, it is usually my pattern to have my quiet time with God first, then write the to-do, but so much was on my mind as I started my day, I had to do what I call a brain dump. Just write it all down, put it in order, and move on. 

Then I sat with my cup of Tulsi green tea and opened my Kindle to my daily reading and the very first thing at the top of the page was from Matthew 10:19 – Do not worry! 

I laughed out loud and thanked God for his message. And a feeling of calm and peace overtook me. He was right – there was really nothing to worry about. All the pieces of my day would all come together in whatever form they were supposed to. There was NOTHING, nothing at all that wouldn’t be accomplished that had to be, and if something was not done, that was okay too, it was obviously not a priority for that time. 

There is no one in this day and age who isn’t busy with a multitude of tasks, responsibilities, and concerns. You might be caring for aging parents, worried about getting your children off to college, stepping into a new role as a grandparent, have health concerns about yourself or your spouse, job-related issues, and the list goes on and on. 

It is important each day to take a few moments to take stock of where you are and your priorities. Write them down. And then just go through your day. If you take a few moments to organize it all, then the rest will fall into place. Worrying accomplishes absolutely nothing – and takes up so much energy. Control what you can control, and let the rest go. When it is time to be concerned about something, it will appear in front of you and you will handle it!

So many things need attention, but none more than you. For without a strong, healthy, vibrant you, none of the other things will happen the way they should. Consider getting on daily vitamin supplement plan in order to keep your stress low, your energy high, and your mind and body in top form!

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